Paula’s Priorities = Your Priorities

Getting the objectives right is one thing, getting someone who can deliver is another. Paula has the business background and real-life experience to serve as your next Mayor.

As a former CEO and current WPB President Commissioner, Paula will bring her knowledge of community economics and building and permit processes to development projects that will impact future city growth.

Paula has decades of commitment to our local charities, boards, and community organizations. Paula’s proven track record of giving back to our community makes her the right choice to serve all residents and address the serious concerns we all have for West Palm Beach.

What are Paula’s priorities?  The same as yours.

She will work to reduce crime by providing more support for our local police, enhance code enforcement and involve the community; address homelessness through intervention programs and providing more housing options; preserve our neighborhoods by repairing roads, bridges and sidewalks and updating older water and sewer pipes, infrastructure and improving our transportation system; improve traffic safety and convenience, create more jobs by attracting new businesses; and make our city government more responsible, streamlined and transparent.

In short, Paula will work with you to build a city of the future that leaves no one behind.


  • WPB Commission President-Current
  • WPB Commissioner 2015-Present
  • Community Redevelopment Board – Past Board Member

  • Palm Beach County Water Task Force
  • City Education Advisory Board
  • Transportation Planning Agency
  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  • Impact Fee Review Committee
  • Sustainability Advisory Board
  • Historic NW Salvation Army Community Center
  • Historic NW Community Consortium
  • Golf Commission and Advisory Board
  • Former El Cid Neighborhood President & Board Member
  • PBC Planning Commission
  • PBC Commission on Affordable Housing – Past Board Member

  • Leadership PBC
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