PRESS RELEASE – Mayoral Election Filing

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2019 / — Surrounded by supporters at West Palm Beach City Hall, West Palm Beach City Commission President Paula Ryan officially entered the race to become the next Mayor of West Palm Beach.

Ryan says it’s the most important job interview she has ever been on and encourages voters to ask tough questions and to review her experience and plans, “My entire life has been about this moment. I’ve actually built and run mini-cities, overseeing ten thousand affordable-housing homes and communities where businesses and residents thrived.”

“I’ve been on the front lines of disaster response. Following two devastating hurricanes, Mayor Lois Frankel put me in charge of a city department. I headed the ‘Blue Roof’ program which put 107 roofs on the homes of the elderly, single moms, and families in just 100 days! In my role as President of the City Commission, I’ve learned there is one thing more important than speaking with residents, it’s listening to them.”

Commissioner Ryan thanked the crowd of supporters who encouraged her to run for Mayor, “I promise you that your priorities are my priorities and that specific needs in your neighborhood, from the Western communities to Historic Northwood, from Downtown to the South End, and to the Lands of the President, will finally get the attention they deserve but have not received in years.”

In closing, the Commission President noted that West Palm Beach is at a pivotal point in its history, “We are positioned for great success but we must address serious issues immediately to ensure that nothing threatens our progress. For four years the person you elect will be in charge of everything from keeping your taxes down, to your protecting your drinking water, to the safety of your family.”

“I’m on a job interview and I hope to earn your trust as we address ongoing issues like the homeless population, drug-related crimes, traffic, and infrastructure. Together, we can build a city of the future that leaves no one behind.”

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West Palm Beach City Commission President Files to Run for Mayor